Blog From Bill: The Cry of Christmas

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The world is in a turmoil we have never known. We hear it in the cry of a generation that faces struggles in ways no generation before them before. They face wildernesses brought on by war, deserts caused by the destruction of death across much of the globe, deep valleys of despair and discouragement, and rough moments in life no one can escape.

What hope can we offer the world in our times?


Blog From Bill: The Comfort of Christmas

It’s Christmas time, for many of us our favorite time of the year.

This is the season of brilliant lights and beautiful color, of celebration and laughter, of holiday parties and family traditions, of rich memories and precious anticipations. There is no season like Christmas.

Yet for many of us there’s another side to Christmas, a dark and colorless side, a season of painful memories and family struggles when those who should have brought us joy have brought us sadness and grief and deep hurt instead. There is much silent suffering at Christmas time as many among us find it to be the most hurtful time of the year.

While many, perhaps most of us are rejoicing, what can we say to those who suffer?


Video: Thankful

We are thankful for 2017. God turned a bad year into a good year and last month we celebrated God's faithfulness at our annual dinner. This short video shows a few highlights from that dinner as we look forward to 2018.

Podcast: A Life of Constant Confidence

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Are you confident? Are you broken? How can you be broken and confident at the same time. Listen to this truth from the book of 2 Corinthians.

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